Sunday, January 24, 2016

I am here to bring awareness to minorities in Hollywood🎥🎬

I am here to bring awareness to minorities in Hollywood, talking about no black actors been nominated, what about Asian? Not that only no Asians are nominated but there are hardly any roles for Asian actors in Movies and TVs in Hollywood, yes there are some but very few compare to the numbers of movies been made. 

For example myself, I am such a talented actress (I am not talking about myself, but just state a fact that I got the gift of talent as an actress and it has been approved in many movies, I bring quality as a performer) but look at my credit, there are not enough of good quality projects, it is because there are not enough good Asian roles out there at all!!! Yet that's not what I am talking about because I am Asian I should get roles, what I am talking about is that roles to offer to a good talented actors when they are a good performers, either white black or Asian, but do not discriminate us because we are minorities then ignore our talent !!!

Talent speaks in art not colors !!! 

This comment is from a fan from my facebook: Always awesome, always exceptional... and, I am glad that there are movement with those who runs Hollywood when it comes to minorities getting recognition... you should have won awards a long time ago, especially for "Anna and the King". 
And some say I should have won also for " Red Corner " for oscar. 

Cookie: let's unite together regardless what color we might be, but be open heart and mind to use our talent to create beautiful art, move beyond the boundaries of the limited mind, because art is pure and bigger than our mind and our judgment! Think big, and it is about time!!! 

This is the Hollywood that I Know and trust, this is the reason I come here all the way, for only 1 reason: brilliant art!!! --- Bai Ling 

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