Friday, October 31, 2014

I am back with Jetlegg 😜😱👍😄💋👣

Yes I am back to LA😜👍😱

And This is how I get back to LA but still so tired... And forgot my gift in the flight in Abu Dhabi transfer flight, and they would not care I mean the airline , I was rushed for my flight to LA, almost missed it cause they ask me to wait forever then tells me they did not find it or throw it away as trash, wow it's beautifully ramped expensive gift you will not throw it away when you see it , well there is no gift then my friend:( 

but anyway we have Chinese saying: 舍财免灾😜👍

Cookie: Jetlegg so tough to deal with 😱😱😜😜👍👍👣👣

Haha what are you up to in this crazy Halloween night ? 

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Bai Ling Before
The New Bai Ling
Bai Ling Before
The New Bai Ling

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