Friday, August 29, 2014

So excited for my vedio to turn to 1 million people viewing

I am driving, let me know if hits 1 million on my ALS vedio!

I last checked was 20mins ago, this is the number 998389 on my YouTube, I am actually so SO excited to see when it hits 1 #million #wow 😜👍😱🙏👣🍧😄😊

Just in #Hollywood saw a friend, he say I am a new social  media #sensation wow 3 days have 1million people all over the world watching my YouTube channels so cool!!!

Anyway for me it's fun and I am doing it for a good cause ...

But super excited now!!!

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Life is meant 2 be celebrated as if its th only moment in front of your eyes,rock the vote!!!!!!!!!

Bai Ling Before
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Bai Ling Before
The New Bai Ling

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