Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Me as Mr. Charlie Chaplin

My computer crashed, just right before I am leaving.,,,,

So frustrated can you just imagine that? So many things so little time, running rushing ...,but stucked in apple store .,,,,

Wow !!!!!
At this moment only Mr. Charlie Chaplin can come to rescuer me and give me a show to make me laugh so loud ..,.

But that actually is me playing him ..,,funny :-))

Cookie : life sometimes play jokes on us, we will just have to treat it as a show and enjoy it.

Breathy and breatht, breathy some more, Bai Ling, breathy the ocean 's fresh air , the cozy sun, the calmness of the mind and temper .,,,,

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Bai Ling Before
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Bai Ling Before
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