Monday, November 18, 2013

He is so Awsome Steven Tyler Sunset Marquis 50th anneversary

 Me with Steven Tyler, what a charming man he always is :-))

You must know him, the lead singer of Aerosmith ....

It was funny when I first met him while back, I did not know who he was, cause I am not from the western couture, I am sure he did not know me either, but we talked anyway, And we know each other now:-))
You know it's funny when you know who that person is when you met them is not good, I like to learn about people just as who they are as a person .

In the beautiful night LA in the sunset Marquez hotel, many Hollywood people and musicians are here celebrate 50 years of their anniversary, i mean so many people, so crowded, one of the best party I have been, so cool, so many places to go to upstairs and downstairs, and so many band playing crazy loud music and singing so much fun .,..

I chatted with Steven, we laughed, he is so cool, what an awesome person he is, so real and down to earth, I still don't know much about his music, but I like him as a man, and he said : I want to be in your movies Bai Ling :-)
Haha can you imaging we are in the same movie? It would be very cool, you never know, anything is possible ....

Cookie: Beautiful life in Hollywood, sometimes they do make your dream become true, but often dream is just a dream:-))

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