Sunday, June 1, 2008

Crazy me trying to stop the traffic

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acuman said...

I'll stop for you Bai. Do you need a lift? I'll go anywhere your heart desires.

professor_petroglyph said...

ni hao, Bai Jing,

hao jiu bu jian . . .

Sorry I have been rather quiescent of late, but I fear I have again allowed myself to become snowed-under and overwhelmed with the growing mountain of unexecuted Writs of Wrongful Detention and Habeas Corpi that await me each grim morning with their accusatory chants of "write me, write me, WRITE ME"!!!

But soon that will all be behind me.

Wo zhende tai gaoxing le!

6 a.m. Independence Day wode feiji takes off for your mysterious laojia, glorious Chengdu, China!!!

I am trying to figure out right now and *xianzai* just how long I will be in the air. It looks like 15 hours, but that just can't be right. Or maybe it is . . .

Two glorious weeks in the land of Huo Guo [or "hot pot," literally, *fire pot*, for you yankees].

tian de, suan de, la de, wo dou chi, wo jiushi bu chi ku de!

(sweet, sour, hot, I eat it all, I just can't take the bitter).

qing zhu wo yilu pingan. :)

let me know if there are any folks you want me to say "ni hao" to.

women yong yuan ai ni, Bai Ling!





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